chivas venture brasil team


chivas venture brasil team


Since 2014, the Chivas Venture has elevated the lives of thousands of people in more than 65 countries. Helping entrepreneurs in the fight to overcome social and environmental battles, the Venture has allowed their inspirational businesses to rise up and ultimately, make the word a better place.

This year the Chivas Venture takes to Brazil, spearheaded by actress, social justice campaigner and businesswoman Taís Araújo. With a goal to boost the careers of young black CEOs, the program combines mentoring, financial support and visibility for their businesses.

Read on to discover our CEOs’ journeys so far.


chivas venture brasil miria alves

Miria Alves

Musical entrepreneur Miria Alves has an impressingly extensive 12-year career as a DJ. Known for her skill in DJing different musical genres –  from hip hop to funk – Miria is the creator of the Todas Podem Mixar (TPM) project, which translates to Every Girl Can Mix. Teaching women the art of DJing, TPM raises awareness and encourages women through music education, in addition to guiding them on how to excel in a predominantly male career.


Learn more: @todaspodemixar @djmiriaalves_


chivas venture brasil diva green


Known for her work with wigs, braids and hairstyles, artist Amanda Coelho – aka Diva Green – founded Orí Cabelos with the aim of returning to and recognizing one’s ethnic origins. Rescuing memories of collective cultural belonging, Diva invites people to a trip back home and uses Orí as a way to help people connect with their ancestry.


At Orí, she performs beauty production services focusing on traditional cultural adornments, courses and workshops, in addition to having worked with great names in Brazilian music such as Tassia Reis, Liniker, Glória Grovee, Luedji Luna, Xênia França and more.


Learn more: @ori.afrofuturo @adivagreen

chivas venture brasil regina ferreira


Regina Ferreira, model and CEO of Hutu Casting, has been in the fashion business for 12 years. Hutu was born from Regina’s ongoing experience in this world that so many others also suffered with: being the only (or one of the only) black women on the job – unless when the theme was ‘Afro’ or ‘diversity’.


Regina says: “I am not, and we are not, ‘diversity’. I am and we are the base; the ground of a long path taken by our ancestors. We are part of the whole and not apart from the whole.”


Learn more: @hutucasting @_regina.ferreira

Tais Araújo

Taís Araújo

Brazilian actress and businesswoman Taís Araújo knows how to make it to the top. As one the first black women in a leading role primetime Brazilian TV, she went on to play important roles across both television and movies – all while campaigning for justice across social, racial and political rights . Taís’ unstoppable attitude led to her becoming the face of Chivas in the ‘Success in a Blend’ campaign and was also featured in our homage to powerful women on International Women’s Day. Now, she’s back to help us support black young entrepreneurs.

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