Women need more impetus than simply learning how to code. Here’s what’s missing.




Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk. Travis Kalanick. Reed Hastings.

People who create successful new devices, apps and games often rise to icon status in the worlds of tech, business and beyond.

The problem with the list of iconic founders above? None of them are women.

Typically, men who accomplish greatness in tech become geek rock stars. On the other hand, women who achieve success in tech often don’t get the same level of recognition, says Nelly Yusupova, founder of Digital Woman and TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs. In fact, the number of women in tech-oriented jobs is declining, she says.

For that to change, young women need more impetus than learning how to code to get going—they need more successful women role models who portray geek as chic and glamorous, Yusupova says.

For more on geek chic in tech, check out the video above.

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