It’s not all just about making profits anymore.




Entrepreneurs are using technology to make a big social impact all over the world. They’re tackling big issues like climate change, pollution, creating workforce opportunities and much more.

“Technology plays such a crucial role in this space because it allows for companies to disseminate their message almost immediately, and also have distributed teams all over the world,” explains Nelly Yusupova, founder of Digital Woman and TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs.

A prime example of this is how social startups leverage crowdfunding platforms to raise money and get the word out about their projects.

Yusupova says one group is especially poised to harness the powers of tech and social good: Millennials. “They’re highly capable,” she says, “action-oriented and they’re ready to come up with new solutions to a lot the old problems.”

Watch the video above for more on how technology is fueling social good.


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