This year, two of the world’s most prestigious brands become one. Just as Chivas Regal is a blend of the rich, generous and silky smooth scotch whisky, the superstars of Manchester United are a blend of their skill, passion, drive, philanthropy, laughter, pride and silky moves; from Mata to De Gea via Sanchez and Lingard.
Manchester United

Chivas Regal Ultis 1999 Victory Edition


Guided by Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United was the first English team to achieve the “Treble”, winning the Premier League, FA Cup and the European Cup in the same season.

In honour of this victory, we’ve hand-selected three of our most precious signature single malts—one for each of Manchester United’s wins—to create a standout blend.


The Icon 50th Anniversary Limited Edition


To mark Manchester United’s unforgettable 1968 victory in Europe, Chivas presents The Icon 50th Anniversary Limited Edition.

This 50 year old blended scotch whisky is our oldest ever released and features 4 bottles representing each of the Manchester United goals in the final.

"We wanted to use our vast expertise to craft a truly unique blend that embodies the values of a truly unique team. To taste this whisky is to experience some of our oldest, luxurious and rarest whiskies, some from now lost distilleries, hand selected and brought together for their exceptional richness and fruity character. Ever since Chivas’ founding brothers, James and John, first perfected the art of blending, Chivas has never released a whisky more than 30 years old – this limited edition 50 years old blend really is an iconic piece of history." Sandy Hislop, Chivas Brothers Director of Blending.
Manchester United 50th Anniversary Icon Limited Edition

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