Chivas Regal the Icon

The Pinnacle

Chivas Regal The Icon is the pinnacle of our range, a deep and complex blend of more than 20 of Scotland’s rarest whiskies, some from distilleries now lost forever. Befitting of the luxury liquid within, each bottle of Chivas Regal The Icon is presented in a hand-blown crystal decanter created by expert craftsmen at Dartington Crystal. It is a symbol of luxury for a new era and a celebration of over 200 years of craft and excellence.

‘For as long as man’s appreciation of the finer things in life continues, our Master Blenders will keep the Chivas brothers’ legendary art of blending alive.’
Colin Scott



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Tasting Notes


Deep, rich, fruity and sweet with notes of runny honey, ripe pears, dark chocolate and orange fondant creams.


Full and fruity with flavours of sweet orange, peaches in syrup and vanilla in abundance. The sweet whisky flavours are balanced to perfection with the hazelnut flavours coming from the cask.


Incredibly long,luscious and sweet.


Dark amber.

The whisky inside every bottle of Chivas has a unique story to tell. For some, that story can never be told again. Chivas Regal The Icon feature 20 of Scotland's rarest whiskies, some from distilleries now lost forever.

The Blend

Discover the art, science & magic that goes into a Chivas blend.

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Water or ice?

After decades of debate about adding water or ice, we’ve discovered Chivas is best served shared.

Today Chivas is a truly global icon, with our collection available across 150 markets.

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