Chivas Regal Extra

Extraordinary Scotch

Chivas Regal Extra promises an exceptionally rich and generous Scotch whisky experience. The secret to its taste lies in selectively blending whiskies matured in sherry casks. Originally from Spain, these finest Oloroso sherry casks guarantee its prime quality, imparting the whiskies deeper amber colour along with rich, sweet and spicy flavours. The result is an outstanding expression of our master blender's craft.


  • 2016 Gold Medal - International Wine and Spirits Competition
  • 2015 Gold medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • 2015 Gold Medal in The Scotch Whisky Masters
Chivas Regal Extra is selectively matured in Oloroso sherry casks. The result is a whisky that’s both deep in aroma, rich in fruitiness and generous in sweetness.
Colin Scott



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Tasting Notes


Fruity sweet with notes of ripe pears and melon, creamy toffee, milk chocolate, cinnamon and a hint of ginger.


Sweet ripe pears in syrup, vanilla caramel, cinnamon sweets and almonds in the background.


Incredibly rich, smooth with a long and fulfilling finish.


Dark in shade with a warm amber glow.

The humble cask is centre stage in creating the perfect blend. Sherry casks imparting a deep rich colour to the whisky, whilst the bourbon cask can be relied upon to give a more golden hue. But it’s all in the blend. Combining these individual signatures to craft the unique character you find in every bottle of Chivas.


Discover the art, science and magic that goes into a Chivas blend.

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draws out the flavours in the whisky - and the opinions of your friends who drink it neat.

Master Blender Colin Scott is the third generation of his family to work in the Scotch industry. He, his father and his grandfather represent over a century devoted to making whisky.

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