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Q. What is the Chivas Venture?

A. The Chivas Venture is a global programme that supports and champions community driven projects, run by the go-getters of the world who are passionate about making positive, lasting social change

Q. How will the Chivas Venture be supporting and championing community driven projects?

A. Chivas believes in empowering the forward-thinkers and change-makers of the world. Utilising the Chivas Venture’s years of insights and established global connections, the platform will shine a light on community-driven projects, helping local nu-wave entrepreneurs expand their platforms on a global scale.

Q. Will the Chivas Venture be launching in all markets?

A. The Chivas Venture will be launching its new programme in South Africa with plans to expand to other markets in the coming years.

Q. What will we see from the Chivas Venture programme in South Africa?

A. In South Africa, The Chivas Venture will launch with a collaboration with streetwear legend and Grade Africa founder, Zaid Osman. The new platform will see Zaid and Chivas provide up-and-coming fashion designers with the tools and support needed to produce a nine-piece capsule collection.

Q: Who is Zaid Osman?

A. Zaid Osman is the Owner and Founder of streetwear brand and movement, Grade Africa. He also the founder of Africa’s largest youth culture festival, Sneaker Exchange

Q: What is Grade Africa?

A: Grade Africa is a sustainable streetwear fashion brand and movement, made up of a community of influential people who are passionate about fashion, music and African street culture. Zaid founded Grade Africa in 2018 with the hope of bringing African talent to the table and showcasing African pride in the fashion industry

Q: What is the Sneaker Exchange?

A: The Sneaker Exchange is the largest sneaker expo in Africa, an event which serves as a steppingstone for young and upcoming brands and artists to showcase their potential. The event brings people together through their love of sneakers and hosts both local and international fashion brands.

Q: How is Chivas supporting Grade Africa?

A: Proceeds from the sales of the collection will be given to the apprentices and donated to the Grade Africa Foundation, whose mission is to eliminate extreme poverty and bring unique opportunities back home to Africa

Q: Where will the proceeds from the capsule collection sales be distributed?

A: Proceeds from the sales of the capsule collection will be distributed between the apprentices involved alongside the Grade Africa Foundation.

Evolved Venture Platform - Changes

Q. How has The Chivas Venture changed from previous years where it was a competition for social entrepreneurs?

A. The Chivas Venture has undergone some changes to the platform and is now a global programme focused on supporting and championing grassroot community projects run by nu-wave entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to elevate themselves and the communities that surround them.

Q: Is The Chivas Venture no longer a competition?

A: The Chivas Venture has evolved from a global competition supporting social entrepreneurs to a global platform focused on supporting and championing grassroot community projects run by nu-wave entrepreneurs.

Q: What is a nu-wave entrepreneur?

A: A nu-wave entrepreneur built their modern brand through social media and influence. The important criteria for their involvement in the Chivas Venture is that they use their business to not only elevate themselves but also others within their local community bringing real, localised action.

Q. Will there still be a $1m no-strings cash prize?

A. To date Chivas has given away $6m to 142 social entrepreneurs around the world, positively impacting over 3m lives in more than 65 countries. Although the Chivas Venture platform will no longer have a $1m no-strings cash prize, the new global programme will see Chivas provide the tools and support local communities need for projects that drive positive community action and social change.

Q: Will you still be hosting a global live event final?

A: No. Each market will host local activations and events which will be revealed in due course.

Q. Will Chivas still be supporting their alumni from the competition running in previous years?

A. We will always continue to show our support to previous finalists of the Chivas Venture where we can and wish them all the best in their journeys as they grow as businesses.

Q: Will entrepreneurs across the world be able to apply to take part in the new Chivas Venture programme launching in markets?

A: No. In line with the new updates to our platform we will no longer be hosting a global search for entrepreneurs, instead we will work with our market teams around the world to identify the most promising local nu-wave entrepreneurs to work with.

Additional Questions

Q. Why did Chivas decide to create the Chivas Venture?

A. Chivas’ belief in the blend of generosity and success was instilled by founding brothers, James and John Chivas, who pioneered the art of blending whisky in Scotland in the 19th century and shared their success with the local community as their business grew. The Chivas Venture aims to honour their legacy and support their modern day counterparts – nu-wave entrepreneurs, who elevate themselves and the communities that surround them, driving positive social change.