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Hold the sugar and live on the lighter side with these low calorie drinks.

Yes, there are absolutely times where you should reach for the most indulgent of drinks because, well, you want to. However if you like to live a balanced life - and aren’t always in the mood for a rich or overly sweet cocktail - there are a range of low calorie whisky cocktail options out there.

Whether you’re out partying, toasting your latest success or simply indulging at home, these refreshing, low calorie cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to help you create balance, while still enjoying the luxuries of life.

From classic Old Fashioneds to twisted Highballs, these low calorie cocktail recipes prove that allowing yourself to indulge in a great cocktail doesn’t have to mean loading up on calories. With zero calorie syrups and natural sweeteners in play, it’s easier than ever to drink low cal cocktails that taste just as good as (and in some cases, better) than their high-sugar alternatives.

Read on to discover the Chivas-based best low calorie drinks; easy to make at home and even easier on the sugar.

Chivas Highball (110 Kcal)

Chivas x Soda x Ice. The holy trinity of low calorie cocktails. Sugar-free soda water keeps this Chivas Highball super low cal, and naturally elevates the fruity flavours of Chivas 12 to your taste buds. Get together with your crew and share around this long, easy-going cocktail, perfect for festivals or just chilling in the sunshine. Scotch and sodas all round please.

See recipe.

Old Fashioned (118 Kcal)

Born in the ultimate gentleman's club in 1889, this classic cocktail has been a mainstay on cocktail menus ever since - and there’s good reason too. With just a touch of syrup, this clean and simple low calorie Old Fashioned recipe keeps things understated but beautifully highlights the whisky. Filled with intense and complex flavours, Chivas 18 is the natural blend for the job.

No need to order a ‘skinny’ Old Fashioned; this drink is naturally low calorie, clocking in at only 118 of them.

See recipe.

Mizunara Camomball

Taking tea to a party is now acceptable thanks to this camomile cocktail recipe. This highball with camomile tea is delightfully refreshing, and surprisingly low cal thanks to the simple additions of soda water, camomile tea and Chivas Mizunara.

Despite being a low calorie drink, a world of flavours sit inside this drink. A portion of our blended Scotch whisky is finished in Japanese Mizunara oak casks, while the floral notes of camomile were discovered by the ancient Romans.

See recipe.

Coconut Highball

Ways to make your cocktail low cal? Just use water. Or coconut water in this case. The Coconut Highball is a perfect contender for the best low calorie drink prize, leaving behind the richer coconut creams and milks to make way for a lighter, unexpected cocktail with familiar tropical flavours. A squeeze of lime cuts through this ultimate thirst-quencher to finish off a fresh, guilt-free cocktail. Cocktails before 5pm? Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it.

See recipe.

Peach Highball

If you’ve got a sweet tooth but you’re still looking to create a more balanced lifestyle, we’ve got you covered with the Peach Highball. Strong on flavours but low on calories, this may be your new favourite whisky cocktail.

A dash of peach liquor is enough to elevate the popular whisky and soda combination into a sweet and fruity, flavourful cocktail, magnified by the orange aromas and hints of hazelnut in Chivas Mizunara. Gather up your sweet-toothed friends and start the night with these refreshing highballs.

See recipe.

Life is balance, and balance is life, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than the best. Celebrate and relish it with these low calorie cocktail recipes.

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