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Connecting farms with forks to improve lives

Taraba Virtuală is a mobile app that connects small farmers directly to those interested in buying locally. We remove the middle man when it comes to providing fresh, organic produce from farms, making it a cost-effective way for farmers to sell. Instead of having to sell at markets, which can be irregular and hard to predict, farmers can now easily manage their orders, set their own prices and save time by routing their daily deliveries through our app.

We found that independent Romanian farmers were lacking efficient management systems, time, and the knowledge needed to build a strong online presence. At the same time, the demand for organic and fresh food is higher than ever. Our app simply connects the two, to benefit everyone.

Our current farmers have saved 4 hours per week on average, which is the equivalent of cutting the weeds from 300 plants. We also saved 50kg of CO2 last year, by making sure our farmers’ journeys were more efficient. Our technology helps not only the farmers and the planet, but it also helps people make healthier choices.

Funding would allow us to…

Grow our business and enter another country as well as Romania. We’d be able to invest in more research, attract more small farmers and develop new and improved features for the app. We’d be able to attract more customers, which would help the lives of the farmers by increasing their efficiency, and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A trip to the hospital inspired me…

I was unlucky enough to suffer stomach pains from eating fruit that wasn’t fresh and, after going to ER twice in one night, I realised I needed to change the way I eat. This made me rediscover the taste of organic food, the same food I used to love as a child living in the countryside. I knew that this should be experienced by as many people as possible and the idea for the app was born.