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$3,182 Total funding received

Changing how the world sees

Adaptive EyeWorks is improving the quality of life for millions of people by providing affordable and accessible eyecare. FocusSpecs are adjustable focus glasses that don’t require a professional to fit them. They feature a dial which can simply be turned to adjust the strength of the lens. The user just stops turning when the world is in focus- it’s as easy at that!

Today, visual impairment is the world’s most common disability, an astonishing 2.5 billion people live without the glasses they need and 90% of those are in developing countries. They can’t acquire a simple pair of eye glasses because of the high price, and/or because there are no optometrists to help them. Poor vision negatively affects people’s lives; their learning, earning, productivity and safety, and it costs the global economy an estimated 3 trillion dollars each year.

Our patented technology is the most cost-effective way of treating poor eyesight in the developing world today. By providing glasses to these communities, we’re helping to improve attendance in schools, education, income and road safety.

Funding would allow us to…

Develop new ways of reaching more visually impaired people. We’ll build programs with local partners to train unemployed people to conduct vision screening and sell glasses to those in need. We’ll also work on outreach initiatives that provide glasses to rural schools and health clinics.

We’d also be able to carry out more research and development to help us create new solutions to the world’s vision problems. We’re creating an Optometer using the same simple technology as our FocusSpecs to help to easily measure eyesight and train thousands of would-be opticians around the developing world.

Everyone deserves a chance in life…

I was involved in a terrible car accident some years ago which left me in a coma for over a month. I had severe injuries and was told that I’d never walk again. Following two years of intensive rehabilitation, I pushed myself to walk again, work again and live again. I fought for, and won, my second chance. And now, I enjoy every moment of my life, and want to make the best of it. I made it my mission to give something back because of the second chance I was given.