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Quenching the world’s thirst with purified water.

SoWat is a portable water purification system that turns any source of fresh water into clean drinking water, using a mechanical process with no chemicals.

According to the United Nations, 1.6 billion people, or almost one quarter of the world's population, face economic water shortage. In order to combat this problem, we dedicated years of research to develop a filtration system that can provide drinking water from any source of fresh water - dirty well, river, etc. SOWAT (System Open Water Advanced Technology) stops particles, pollen, parasites, bacteria and even viruses, whilst preserving all the minerals in the water.

Most water purification processes currently on the market rely on consumables that are either expensive or not readily available in the countries that desperately need them. The portable aspect of SoWat can have huge benefits when you consider the amount of refugees around the world, living in camps without access to clean water. One SoWat system can produce enough daily water for 5,000 people, at a monthly cost of just €0.05 per person.

With funding SoWat could…

Reach millions more people in desperate need of clean drinking water. SoWat is already in action in five countries and we have improved the lives of 25,000 people. But we want to do more. Clean, safe drinking water should not be seen as a luxury. SoWat reduces the risk of epidemics and increases sanitation. The water we provide helps communities provide a cleaner environment for their families to live in through the simplest things such as keeping dishes clean. We are working closely with the UNICEF Wash program, and every time we install a system, we raise awareness in the community about hygiene and the importance of never wasting water. Funding would enable us to increase our production capacity from 10 to 20 devices per month and bring us closer to our goal of reaching five million people by 2020.

My hero is…

My mother. I lost her when I was just 14 years old but she remains with me in everything I do. She had the courage to love someone who was different in a communist country where foreigners were considered a threat. She was a warrior and always smiled, even in the worst days of her life. She suffered in silence, and protected us. When I’m having a hard time or have difficult decisions to make, I ask myself what she would have done in my place.