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$2,914.92 Total funding received

When the sun comes up, we use it for social good…

We’re creating solar electric boats that are affordable and sustainable, both for the environment and for the communities that rely on them for their livelihood.

Our boats are silent and don’t pollute. By using the sun as our motor, and a fully eco-efficient design, we help to protect ecosystems and alleviate climate change.  This is good news for the planet but also for the economy, particularly for fishing communities. Currently, to be able to work, they have to spend a lot of money on polluting fuels, which affect the environmental quality of the very ecosystem that sustains them. In other words, more pollution means less fish, which in turns means less revenue. We believe that people and nature should work together in a more harmonious way.

To keep the good ship Sun Concept afloat we need...

Funding and mentoring. So far we have released 3 models of 7m single hull solar boats to the market. With your help, we can invest in new and improved models, to encourage more people to opt for solar. Our team is resilient - a small group of entrepreneurs, coming from many different areas of knowledge and expertise, who have worked hard to make the sun come up on this project! With your support, we can grow our business and improve lives at the ‘speed of light’.

My hero is Sir David Attenborough.

I was three or four years old when I first encountered the book ‘Life on Earth’. Whereas most children that age would be watching cartoons, my mother tells me I would spend hours devouring all these stories, of wonderful places and beautiful animals. Sir David spoke of our planet with such exuberance and life, and its right to exist despite mankind’s greed and stupidity. It really resonated with me. Still today, he is my hero and inspiration, the man who convinced me that all life matters and that our biggest challenge is to learn how to live harmoniously on this planet.