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$11,719.24 Total funding received

We’re creating a future where crops yield healthy food in abundance.

By using biotechnology to detect crop diseases early we can produce more food of better quality. Plant diseases are responsible for major economic losses in the agricultural industry worldwide. Monitoring plant health and detecting pathogens early are essential to reducing the spread of diseases and facilitating effective solutions, without the heavy use of chemicals and pesticides. Our scientific approach enables the rapid identification and diagnosis of plant disease. We use methods based on DNA analysis that are more accurate and faster compared to traditional methods of microbial identification. Our tagline is ‘Next Generation Biotechnology’ and thanks to our solution, which is cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally friendly, farmers are using less pesticides and are producing bigger and healthier yields. Additionally, we are currently developing a mobile ‘Lab in a box’ prototype that will enable farmers to conduct on-site pathogen testing. By late 2018 farmers will be able to conduct molecular tests on crop samples, the results of which will take just a few minutes. The health of the sample will be determined by a red or green light and the device will be no bigger than a smartphone.

The world needs to produce 70% more food in 2050 than it did in 2006,in order to feed the growing population.

We are aware of future challenges and we want to meet them. Our innovative solution of mobile laboratories will contribute to reaching this global aim, which is providing more food of better quality for people around the world. No matter if it is a small in-house garden or a big agricultural farm, everyone will be able to control the development of pathogens in their plants. And not as a one-time-only activity but throughout the whole vegetation period of the given plant. So they will know exactly what pathogens are developing. By conducting the test daily they will be able to pick the necessary dose of pesticide. This means better plant protection, less chemicals and higher efficiency.

To make a proper impact we need to act now.

That’s why we need funding. What we do at NexBio is not restricted to any particular area, region or people. We work on something that concerns everyone: the rich and the poor – people in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa or Australia. Everybody needs healthy food. Good quality and enough quantity – and that’s what we’d like to contribute to.