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Open-fire cooking kills four million people every year - that’s more than AIDS and Malaria combined! And yet most people have never heard of this issue. 

Our ACE 1 cookstove provides smokeless cooking, as well as off-grid solar energy for lighting and phone charging. It’s an all-in-one clean energy device!

The cookstove can function with a wide range of fuels, which are available at no cost (like twigs, cow dung, coconut shells, corn cob centers..) or relatively cheap (pellets, briquettes). These only need to be small enough to fit inside the cookstove, which means that we’re encouraging the use of fuel sources currently going to waste, instead of chopping down trees. And with the solar energy feature providing lighting & phone charging for free, the stove pretty much pays for itself. Not in the long term, not depending on fuel use, or on the weather. Immediately.

To take African Clean Energy to the next level we need to…

Change the common misconception that people in the developing world are unwilling or unable to pay for quality products. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are treated with respect and not relegated to ‘poor people’. We want to see a system in which all companies are held accountable for their goods and services by the customer themselves.

Funding would allow us to grow in countries such as Lesotho, Uganda and Cambodia. It would speed up how quickly we can reach customers and ensure that they no longer have to breathe in harmful cook smoke.

I was inspired to become a social entrepreneur by…

My family. We’ve always been raised to see not just the opportunity, but an opportunity to do good. And go for what you believe in! I feel extremely lucky to have had my upbringing and my family. It’s amazing to all be in this together. I am very opinionated, really passionate and really stubborn. I think those traits are destined to culminate in Social Entrepreneurship, because we see something wrong and our instinct is to fix it, even if others don’t always believe we can.