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Our organic vegetables are powered by food waste.

FOLO, which stands for Feed Our Loved Ones, is an urban farming community that is changing the way we look at our waste and the way we grow our food.  We want to remind people that food comes from nature, not the supermarket. Most of the vegetables you consume have been exposed to pesticides, which are proven to lead to numerous conditions ranging from skin issues to cancer, and Malaysia is one of the worst countries in the world at using these poisonous pesticides.

At FOLO we are changing this reality, by collecting three tonnes of food waste per day from hotels and restaurants, and turning it into nutrient-rich compost. We use this compost to heal our soil and organically grow healthy vegetables for our community of almost 100 families.

With funding FOLO could…

Inspire a regenerative food growing movement. The urban food waste we recover daily would otherwise be burnt, illegally dumped or placed in open landfills. This creates pollution and carbon emissions. Soil is the second biggest reservoir of carbon after our oceans, and it is being depleted every day via industrial farming and development. FOLO wants to encourage people to use soil for something that can benefit all of us. By creating a sustainable model of composting and local community farming, we can drive pesticides and chemicals out of the market. This is possible due to the sheer amount of food waste we generate - 1.3 billion tonnes every year -  that can be transformed into something we can use right here in our cities.

Following the footsteps of our two great mentors...

FOLO wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for two inspiring men. Ah Lek is a self-taught organic farmer with over 20 years experience. Pierre Loisel is an ex-pioneer of the Taiwanese electronics industry, who installed the first PC in the world and was part of the Apollo 13 project. He found a way to transform urban food waste into amazing compost. Their expertise and energy has inspired us and driven us forward in ways we never thought possible.