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$4,635.54 Total funding received

We give everyone access to a toilet at home, and turn poop into fuel.

We are dedicated to improving the overall dignity, health and environment of urban communities in East Africa by delivering clean, safe and efficient sanitation services. We do this by treating waste as a resource. This starts by providing communities and refugee camps with modern toilets, helping them dispose of toxic waste, which we then transform into a clean burning alternative to charcoal. Our work allows families to live a modern, healthy and dignified life. By removing infectious waste from communities and preventing the contamination of local water sources, we are reducing the risk of diseases and child mortality. Secondly, by displacing charcoal, our briquettes combat deforestation and erosion, saving 88 trees for every ton sold.

We deserve funding because....

Instead of asking “how can we dispose of waste while minimizing the impact on communities?” we are asking “how can waste have a positive impact on the communities?” Also, we are taking a 100% market-driven approach to providing sanitation services. This has never been done before and we are doing it in one of the hardest environments; the bottom of the pyramid.

Nothing has a more wide-reaching impact than sanitation - whether in health, environment, safety, dignity, or gender empowerment. We are working towards Sustainable Development Goal 6  set by the United Nations, which is one of the furthest off track. We’d welcome your support to help us scale our work and hit our target of serving over a million people by 2020.

My favourite book is…

Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, by Chip & Dan Heath. This resonated with me: “For any change to occur, you must have a good reason, a good motivation, and a good environment. The rider is the rational side of you, the elephant, your emotional side, and the path, your environment."