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$54,639.96 Total funding received

We’re transforming brain rehabilitation…

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from brain impairments caused by traumatic brain injury, strokes, diseases or aging; yet due to the high cost of rehabilitation therapy, they are often sent home without any tools to continue their cognitive training once they have left the hospital.

At Intendu, we have developed a videogames platform specifically designed for brain training. The games involve dynamic scenarios and body movement that mirror real life, and our technology adapts in real-time to the user’s needs. Our affordable solution enables patients to continue their therapy at home, in a safe, effective and fun environment.

With funding, Intendu could…

Reach a huge community of patients with our cutting edge solutions. Brain impairment is such a widespread condition, most people either know someone or have a family member that is affected. Funding would help us accelerate our social impact.

Our cloud-based software is available to people regardless of their location, which means that it can be accessed even from remote or rural areas. It is also affordable to people with low income who may not have access to health insurance, finally giving them the rehabilitation they deserve.

Intendu was inspired by my father.

While I was doing my PhD in Neuroscience, carrying out research on brain plasticity, my father had an accident and suffered a brain injury. During his cognitive rehabilitation I learnt a lot about the challenges faced by people with brain impairments. I realised that after a few months of rehabilitation, there is no practical solution for patients to continue therapy. So they are sent home without treatment, which often results in their condition deteriorating.

I knew from my research that the brain is plastic and that by continuing a patient's rehabilitation, their cognitive skills can improve. So I decided to create a software that would provide affordable access to brain training and therapy at home.