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$4,639.96 Total funding received

Giving hope and mobility at the blink of an eye.

NowTechnologies designs, develops and manufactures wheelchair controller electronics and other innovative assistive devices, that help people live fuller lives after serious injury or paralysis. We enable electric wheelchairs users to enjoy a smoother and more precise driving experience. Our head-drive technology also helps tetraplegic patients regain the ability to move around and control computers without assistance. With more independence, they can integrate better into society, regaining confidence, the ability to communicate with others, and even to study or work.

Funds for our business means…

Mobility and independence for more customers. We are determined to transform some aspects of a 60-year-old industry, for the benefit of a largely neglected group. Wheelchairs and the control of wheelchairs haven’t changed much over the past 40 years. Most solutions are very cumbersome, and they lack important features needed for everyday life.

Our smart technology has already changed the lives of ten patients, but there are 12 million electric wheelchair users around the world, who could benefit from our solution, contributing to their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Our modular platform can be adapted to almost any level of disability, it even works with computers which can open up a world beyond their own.

My advice to someone trying to launch their social enterprise…

Understand your target audience, clearly define your offer, and have a plan for securing funding. Money is only a means but an essential one to realising a dream. We know that our enterprise can have a wide-reaching social impact, however our challenge is that many investors seem to think that mobility solutions should be financed by the healthcare system or charities. We believe that social business can be the solution.