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$7,616.58 Total funding received

We’re creating a future where wheelchair users can stand up.  

We realised the need for a solution when we were hired to fully remodel a house, for someone with paraplegia due to an accident. As we lowered the cabinets, the light switches and made the toilets accessible, we realised that we could make the perfect house for them, but we couldn’t lower the rest of the world when they were not at home. Instead, we looked for a way to elevate wheelchair users in their everyday life.

Thirteen prototypes later, Laddroller was born. 

Laddroller is an innovative, eco-friendly and affordable standing wheelchair. It can instantly lift up to standing position, and back down, simply by using the power of the wheels and a little help from gravity - this 100% mechanical process prevents the risk of being stuck when battery runs low. The four-wheel drive also enables users to overcome difficult terrain, steps and gaps in the urban environment. Best of all, it costs half the price of existing solutions on the market. 

 With your support Laddroller will be able to...

Finance our first production run, implement our marketing strategy and expand internationally, to better integrate wheelchair users into our societies. The modern world is built for standing people but there are 65 million wheelchair users worldwide who face daily barriers, social exclusion and a series of health complications because they are constantly seated. Laddroller provides these people with the mobility and autonomy that they require. We’ve already made great progress in prototyping and patenting our device and we are ready for our next steps

The first “bionic Olympic Games” was inspiring...

Organised by ETH in Zurich, the focus of Cybathlon was to showcase what the future could hold for those with disabilities. But while the technology there was incredible - from robotic legs, powered exoskeletons, bionic arms, brain-controlled computer interfaces and our own Laddroller wheelchair - my abiding memory of the event was the effort of the participants with motor disabilities. They showed us that anything is possible.