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$1,993.78 Total funding received

We’re preserving the ocean in style...

By upcycling sea plastic waste into beautiful designer eyewear. Our seas are littered with rubbish – it’s said that by 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic than fish. But we’ve identified a way to transform this waste into raw materials for glasses and sunglasses, helping to preserve the ocean and habitat for sea life. Abandoned fishing nets are one of the main causes of contamination, entangling millions of animals every year via a process called “ghost fishing”, creating islands of waste that can take hundreds of years to disintegrate. To cut this problem off at the source, we’re working with the fishing community to encourage responsible recycling - we collect a ton of plastic waste from Spanish ports every three days.

Every eyewear we make, is 10m2 of ocean recycled. So with every purchase, our consumers can become ambassadors of change.

Funding would allow us to scale our solution...

We’re proving that in the highly contaminating fashion and eyewear industry, this circular economy of upcycling waste into premium products is real. The eyewear industry is a $120 billion market in which plastic is the main source of raw material and sustainability is almost non-existent. Approximately 50% of the population needs eyewear and this is increasing with the constant use of smartphones and tablets. Transforming this pollution into a wearable product allows our customers to make a visible statement about this issue. Funding would allow us to finance our operations, recruit more staff to develop our activities, increase our waste collection capacity, invest in more recycling machinery and most of all accelerate our ability to clean our oceans!

If you’re thinking of launching a social enterprise…

Gooo for it!! There are so many needs around the world. Don’t always take criticism to heart, and people might think you are crazy, but think big, work a lot, sweat a lot and you’ll get there! People thought I was crazy when I told them I wanted to reduce Ocean plastic and ghost fishing, by producing eyewear made of waste. I smile when I see them now!