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Our edible insects are the future of food…

At SENS, we’re working towards a future where everyone fuels with healthy and sustainable protein...from crickets.

We teamed up with a chef who has 13 years of experience in cooking with insects. Together, we created delicious bars made with cricket flour. We pre-sold 4000 of them in the first 16 days of our crowdfunding campaign - that’s a lot of protein! By using crickets instead of beef, we saved 2 tons of feed, 700,000 liters of water, and greenhouse gases equivalent to a round-the-world road trip. The protein bars are only the beginning. We are going to use insects to create a whole new range of sustainable, next-generation food products to change the mainstream western diet. We aim to increase the demand for insect based food products and insect flours, to attract technological innovation to insect rearing. That way cricket protein will also be cheaper than chicken protein in just a few years.

We need funding to achieve our mission because …

To really change the western diet, we have to come up with a full range of food products, not just protein and energy bars . Our business needs funding, because the development and testing of such products will be much more expensive than it was for the bars, and then we need to bring these products to the global market.  The world’s natural resources are overused and the current food production system is not sustainable. It has been estimated that there will be 9 billion people on the planet by 2050, so it is clear that something needs to change. The sooner we find a sustainable way to feed everyone, the better.

Afraid of insects? This is for you too.

When interacting with our brand, you’ll never come across a living cricket, and we do not promote eating whole insects. We are conscious that for most people this would be too much of a leap, and we don’t want to be placed in a category of “weird foods”. We simply focus on explaining the benefits. For some people, it will be the nutrition, others will be attracted by the sustainability, and many semi-vegans or vegetarians could be interested in the moral reasoning behind eating crickets. What about you?