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$6,530.06 Total funding received

Making first aid a social norm.

First Respond is a social enterprise that is dedicated to delivering high-quality first-aid training and services to individuals and businesses. Currently, most people don’t know what to do in an emergency, and they are afraid of the potential risks of getting involved, because there is no law to protect them. This has a serious impact, as in China every minute, someone dies of sudden cardiac arrest.

Our mission is to create a society of citizen-first responders with an integrated SOS system, so that more people in an emergency can be saved. We have been teaching life-saving skills to individuals within office buildings, schools, residential areas, as well as covering large sporting events such as marathons. Our main goal is to establish ‘mutual aid’ as a Chinese social norm.

Our business deserves funding because…

The problems we are trying to address do not just apply to China but to many other countries as well. Thus, our company has, with the right funding, the potential to provide a global solution. This can only be done, however, with financial support. We have proven it really works in China. For example, we have provided safety operations for 182 different marathons and race events,  saving the lives of eleven people from sudden cardiac arrest with a 100% success rate. Before us, there was no such system to ensure the safety of runners at these events in China.

We are the first B Corp in China.

We are the first B Corp certified company in mainland China - a certification that  indicates we are an organisation benefiting society as well our shareholders.

There have been two positive changes since becoming a B Corp: there has been an injection of energy into the company with our employees taking even more pride in the work they do; externally, we have been able to attract a larger number of corporate clients who know and understand the value of B Corps.