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$10,541.28 Total funding received

We’re creating a future where driving a wheelchair brings freedom and fun.

We transform simple wheelchairs into electric tricycles. Here in Brazil there are nearly four million wheelchair users, and a further 8 million across the USA and Europe. They all suffer from the lack of accessibility that many of us take for granted. Damaged sidewalks, uneven terrain, even things as trivial as grass or sand, can cause a wheelchair user to seek alternative routes.

Livre is more than just a wheelchair solution, it’s a new lifestyle. It allows users to ride freely and with dignity. We want to increase their self-confidence, give them a new sense of freedom. And a chance to have fun, carrying out various types of activities alongside their friends.

With your support Livre could…

Transform the lives of many more wheelchair users around the world, regardless of their financial situation. We are determined to change the perception that someone in a wheelchair is reliant on other people, and we believe Livre can contribute to society by further integrating people with disabilities. In 18 months we have been able to change the lives of over 400 wheelchair users and their families all over Brazil.

Funding would also help us purchase machinery and optimize our production, to keep improving the quality of our products.

We’ve always been driven.

Livre came from the dream of twin brothers Lúcio and (myself) Júlio. From a very early age we were inspired by our parents. They are both long-time entrepreneurs in São Paulo who encouraged us towards entrepreneurship. At the age of 18, Lúcio and I opened our first business with our parents’ help, which taught us many valuable lessons for the future with Livre.