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$6,055.88 Total funding received

Our mussel reefs revive the oceans...

By creating farms designed to restore rather than deplete marine life. Many of the coastal marine areas next to highly populated and industrialised regions, have been categorised as “Dead” zones - areas compromised by erosion, chemical fertilizers and household waste that are suffering from low concentration of oxygen. This has had a devastating impact on a variety of species, endangering job security in the fishery industry, and the environmental state of our planet’s food supply. 

Sea Harmony is developing vertical reef mussel-farming technology. Our unique farms are made from durable materials that do not emit pollutants into the water. They can be placed in the open sea, so they do not disturb boat traffic, and this, along with their vertical orientation, allows Sea Harmony’s method of farming to yield maximum harvest. Most importantly, they bring marine life back to the “Dead” zones, restoring the food chain and all of its participants: mussels, shrimps, and fish.

The next stage in the development of Sea Harmony is to…

Encourage local businesses to actively heal their local economy and environment, and as a result to ensure food security and livelihood. Our mission is to make sure that the benefits of our seas and oceans will be accessible to the following generations. Funding will mean setting up key partnerships in regions beyond the Black Sea, so we can construct stakeholder-based pilot farms. This will make our technology accessible to a wider spectrum of locations, where our help and knowledge are needed.

As far as social entrepreneurship is concerned, I believe that...

A good idea is not enough - it needs to be transformed into a widely accessible business technology. For that you need the right team, the right mentors and great support. I am lucky to have all of these. Through social entrepreneurship we can build collaboration between nature and humanity, in order to help each other to survive.