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Our spirit of exploration began with John and James Chivas in the 19th century – and it’s something we’ve never lost. The new Chivas Extra 13 range was created from this adventurous spirit, seeking to break the boundaries of Scotch whisky.

Chivas Extra 13 takes our classic Scotch and transports it to countries near and far with selective cask finishes, stepping into a world of new flavours and bold taste adventures. Every product in this new range tells a story from a different corner of the world.

Discover the story behind the Chivas Regal x Diego Luna partnership.
Chivas x Diego Luna Partnership


An expert storyteller himself, Diego Luna is a blend of geographies and talents alike. His family tree reaches from Scotland to Mexico, embodying how distinct cultural spirits blend to create something truly unique.

His successful career as a Hollywood actor, director and producer sees Diego tell the stories of people from all over the world; a skill only strengthened by his passion for the people in his country and strong sense of political activism. A man from no one place and of no single talent, Diego is truly borderless.

Working with Academy Award-winning director Asif Kapadia, we delved deeper into Diego Luna’s story to discover his blend.

Join us on an extraordinary adventure. Step into a world of extra flavor with Chivas Regal and Diego Luna.

‘Deep down, it is thanks to my blend that I have something to say’
Diego Luna.