Chivas Regal Ultis

The Essence of Who We Are

Our first blended malt Scotch whisky contains five precious signature single malts. Each one, hand selected from five Speyside distilleries in honor of the five generations of Chivas Regal Master Blenders.

"The first blended malt Scotch whisky from the House of Chivas Regal"
Colin Scott
Less than 1% of our entire inventory of whisky was selected to make this exquisite blend.
Chivas Regal Ultis. The heart and soul of Chivas Regal.
In honour of five generations of Master Blenders. The five men who have in turn maintained and safeguarded Chivas Regal’s blending excellence.
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Tasting notes for each malt

The Tormore Malt

The Tormore malt presents the palate with rich citrus orange notes.

The Longmorn Malt

Longmorn reveals a creamy smooth, vanilla toffee character.

The Strathisla Malt

The heart of the Chivas blend, Strathisla, has a malty fruity charm with a subtle sweetness.

The Allt A'Bhainne Malt

Spice and malt are the signature flavours of the Allt A'Bhainne, which brings balance and subtlety to the blend.

The Braeval Malt

Braeval displays a complex, floral taste including thick honey, leather and green notes.

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