Chivas Regal Ultis

The Essence of Who We Are

Chivas Ultis is the first blended malt from the house of Chivas. Every drop contains five precious single malts, selected from five of the most cherished Speyside distilleries, in honour of our five illustrious master blenders. This unique and prestigious whisky is the true essence of Chivas Regal.
Because blended is better, in life and in Scotch.

Discover Chivas Regal Ultis
To build an unforgettable, spellbinding symphony, you must first understand how to combine flavours.
There is no conflict when it comes to the ingredients in a Chivas blend.
The symbiotic relationship between each whisky is essential.
Balance is key. Control the ingredients. Consolidate the flavor.


Discover the art, science and magic that goes into a Chivas blend.

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Is blending whiskies a science?

For Master Blender Colin Scott, it’s an art.