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20 start-ups from across the globe have been revealed as The Chivas Venture 2019 Finalists.

20 start-ups from across the globe have been selected to pitch it out for the chance to win a share of $1 million in no-strings funding at the Chivas Venture global final this May.

If you missed the first 10 finalists, catch up here
or read on below to meet the remaining contestants.

Introducing the next 10 Chivas Venture 2019 finalists…

Javier Larragoiti, Co-Founder & CEO, Mexico

Xilinat is converting agricultural waste into natural sugar substitutes that look and taste like normal sugar, yet are low in calories and suitable for diabetics and other health-conscious consumers. This waste would otherwise be discarded, but Xilinat’s sustainable process sees it turned into xylitol. Read more.

Tey Al-Rjula, Founder, Netherlands

Tykn is leveraging blockchain technology to protect immigrants and provide access to basic human rights through digital identities, which can be traced and recorded when they have been displaced from their homes. Read more.

Martyna Sztaba, CEO, Poland

Syntoil is solving the problem of rubber waste by converting end-of-life tires into recovered carbon black, oil and gas. Using their method, rather than burning, it removes the need for landfill and avoids harmful gas emissions, preventing further pollution of the environment. Read more.

Hugo Aguiar, CEO, Portugal

SPEAK is breaking down cultural barriers by reducing the marginalization of immigrants and refugees through informal networking. It has created a language and cultural exchange programme for locals, migrants and refugees that provides the opportunity to learn or teach languages. Read more.

Human Link
George Georgescu, CEO, Romania

Human Link uses GPS technology to provide the geographical location of dementia sufferers to their loved ones. The device aims to reintroduce independence to those who have come to rely on others for support and mobility. Read more.

Save The Bees
Michal Matus, Visionary Accomplisher, Slovakia

Save The Bees is a social enterprise using technology to empower beekeepers and improve the environment. The technology allows beekeepers to digitally monitor the status of hives in real time, and track the weight, pressure, moisture and temperature of the hive in order to decrease bee mortality. Read more.

Matthew Piper, Co-Founder, South Africa

KHULA has created software connecting farmers directly with consumers to alleviate unemployment and poverty. Acting as a virtual farm, the company manages all transportation and logistics and offers small farms alternative channels to generate sales. Read more.

Giving Streets
Dimitris Vassiliadis, Co-Founder, England & Wales

Giving Streets is an app that enables rough sleepers and buskers to receive cashless donations, redeemed via PayPal or partnering retailers. The app requires beneficiaries to carry a unique QR code that can be scanned in order for them to receive donations. Read more.

Revive Eco
Scott Kennedy, Co-Founder, Scotland & Northern Ireland

Revive Eco collects used coffee grounds from restaurants, cafes and offices and processes them into a range of environmentally friendly products. The natural bio-chemicals are extracted from the coffee grounds, which are then sold into cosmetic, pharmaceutical and drinks companies around the world. Read more.

Go Copia
Komal Ahmad, Founder & CEO, USA

Go Copia is tackling both hunger and food waste via an app that helps businesses measure and donate their food surplus for financial compensation. Reducing waste and feeding the community, the start-up offers a pick-up service and provides insights into the impact of each donation. Read more.

Vulcan Augmetics
Trịnh Khánh Hạ, General Manager, Vietnam

Vulcan Augmetics is producing affordable prosthetics targeted at developing countries to empower amputees and get them back into the workforce. They have created an online quick-fit centre, which allows consumers to connect directly with prosthetic mechanics who offer customisation and tailoring. Read more.

If you missed the first 10 finalists, catch up here.

The Chivas Venture 2019 Global Final will take place at TNW Conference, a two-day tech festival in Amsterdam this May, where the final five will pitch for a share of the $1 million in front of a panel of expert judges.

BUT FIRST, you can have your say! The first $100,000 is in your hands for the ‘People’s Choice’ winner. Voting begins 9 April. You can only vote once so choose wisely!

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