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This Easter, try our selection of chocolate cocktails.

When chocolate eggs fill the aisles, it can only mean one thing: Easter. And what better time for indulgence than Easter?

Whether you’ve struggled through lent or not, now’s the time to treat yo’ self. These chocolate cocktails provide that sweet hit using chocolate bitters, and we’ve even got a special technique to give a whisky twist to leftover chocolate this weekend.

Take a look at our favourite Easter cocktail recipes to impress your friends and family.

Chocolate Cocktail Recipes

Aberdeen Flip Cocktail Recipe

Black cherry jam may not be expected in this whisky cocktail with chocolate bitters but trust us – it works. This rich dessert-like drink pairs the tart jam with honeyed spice syrup, chocolate bitters and Chivas 18 for a drink that will definitely satisfy a sweet tooth.

See the Aberdeen Flip Whisky Cocktail Recipe

Chocolate-washed whisky

If you’re wondering what to do with leftover chocolate this Easter, we can think of nothing better than using it to fat-wash whisky. For this ideal leftover chocolate recipe, simply stir melted chocolate with whisky and refrigerate overnight, before making a hole in the set chocolate in the top and pouring through a cheesecloth to filter it. This process enhances the chocolate notes within the whisky, while keeping a light texture. You can also use this technique with butter, peanut butter, or even bacon... Thank us later.

Chocolate Skyline Cocktail Recipe

You’ve mastered the fat-washing technique. What’s next? The Chocolate Skyline, of course. This leftover chocolate recipe simply pairs chocolate-washed Chivas 18 with sweet vermouth for a Manhattan-style drink. A chocolate cocktail like no other.

See the Chocolate Skyline Cocktail Recipe

Rebellion Cocktail Recipe

Ready for rebellion? No, we don’t mean blasting music loud despite neighbours’ requests – this whisky cocktail with chocolate bitters, blood orange juice and cloves is even more enjoyable. Each ingredient marries perfectly with the many flavour notes you can find in Chivas 18, making this drink a taste sensation.

See the Rebellion Cocktail Recipe

Chivas Easter desserts

Flex your cooking skills at your family celebrations this Easter with Chivas-infused desserts created by the Amateur Mixologist and Selasi from the Great British Bake Off. How does a menu finishing with a whisky baba sound? Or for something lighter, how about a whisky affogato? We’ve even got some truffles with Chivas 18 to offer up as the perfect whisky chocolate pairing. We’ll let you take credit for the family brownie points you’ll inevitably score.

Discover our Chivas Easter desserts

King Street Cocktail Recipe

Plantain. Delicious as chips, in a stew and … in a cocktail? You heard us. At the core of the King Street drink is fried plantain syrup, which adds to this cocktail with chocolate bitters. Lighter in texture than a traditional chocolate cocktail like milkshakes, this one goes down very easily. Celebrate your new use of plantain with a splash of champagne in this drink, which blends beautifully with Chivas XV.

40ml Chivas XV
20ml Becherovka
20ml fried plantain syrup
10ml fresh lemon juice
2 dashes chocolate bitters
Top with champagne
Garnish with fried plantain and chocolate

Shake Chivas XV, Becherovka, fried plantain syrup, lemon juice and chocolate bitters together with 1-2 ice cubes. Double strain. Garnish with fried plantain and chocolate. Top with Champagne.

Interested in more whisky cocktail recipes? See our collection of Chivas cocktails.

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