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Introducing the latest Chivas Regal to arrive in the Philippines.

A new addition to the Chivas Extra 13 range, this blended scotch whisky has been selectively finished in ex-tequila casks.

The Chivas Extra 13 Tequila cask finish is inspired by the Chivas brothers’ 13 King Street Emporium in Aberdeen, where they imported different spirits, exotic spices, and luxury food items from across the globe. Imparting its own unique combination of characteristics onto the Chivas blend, this finish brings new and contrasting flavor notes to the spirit for the first time.

A 2019 rule change by the Scotch Whisky Association, the body responsible for governing Scotch whisky production, has allowed the use of ex-tequila casks in the maturation process for the very first time. After 13 years of maturation, our blended Scotch whisky receives a uniquely selective finish* in tequila casks. Selectively finishing* our Scotch blend in tequila barrels doesn’t result in a tequila flavored whisky; instead, it intensifies the smooth notes of our blend for a heightened taste exploration. This revolutionary and innovative blend offers a new way to enjoy whisky.

Another remarkable element of our Extra 13 Tequila Cask is the packing which features artwork by renowned American street artist Greg Gossel. The artwork is a colorful blend of our Chivas Regal heritage with imagery of the 13 King Street Emporium together with traditional Mexican craft. Vibrant Aztec patterns and iconic Día de los Muertos skulls – adorned with shades of reds and greens to represent the Mexican flag – intertwine in this unique tribute.

What is cask finishing?

If you’re at the very beginning of your whisky journey the question, ‘what is a cask?’, might fly through your mind. Fear not – we’re here to break it down. A cask (interchangeable with the word ‘barrel’) is simply a large wooden container bound by wood or metal hoops used for maturing spirits and wines. A cask finish is therefore the cask that whisky is put into for maturation, or additional time after its original maturation.

Whisky is always matured in casks, but cask finishes can hugely affect its final flavor. Scotch whisky is always matured for the amount of time listed on the label (or as an absolute minimum of three years), but it can then undergo additional time in other casks that have been used to mature other spirits, such as wine or sherry. It’s important to note that if whisky spends time in another spirit cask such as a rum cask, it doesn’t take on the flavor of rum – instead the cask enhances flavors within the whisky, drawing out tropical fruit notes that can be found in rum.

Master Blender for Chivas Regal, Sandy Hyslop, further explains the magic of cask finishing: “It’s important to understand the difference between a selective finish and a selective maturation in the whisky ageing process. When selectively finishing a product, we take a portion of that whisky and fill it into freshly emptied casks, such as ex-tequila barrels or ex-rye casks. Then that blend is monitored regularly to check for flavor development – as each cask is different, they all operate in their own way and it doesn’t take a set amount of time to get to the right level of flavor."

"With all of our cask finishes, we want a nuance of flavors; we want to bring extra complexity to the blend but still deliver that classic Chivas style. Chivas is renowned for being sweet and fruity and while a bit of oak nuttiness is needed to complement it, you don’t want to overwhelm it completely with an overbearing cask. It’s all about balance."

Taste Exploration

Balance is certainly what you will find in this new expression of Chivas - on the nose you’ll detect a vanilla sweetness lifted with hints of zingy citrus. On the palate: a delicate medley with light and fruity vanilla notes, laced with refreshing grapefruit and exotic pineapple with an extra smooth and rounded finish. Exciting new flavors are waiting to be discovered in every drop of the Chivas Extra 13 Tequila Cask*, it's a truly contemporary and exceptional drinking experience!

Available now from leading supermarkets and online retailers across the Philippines, pricing may vary.

Shake it up with Chivas cocktails

In the spirit of taste exploration, Chivas can also be used in your favorite cocktails. Chivas Extra 13 Tequila Cask* offers a rich yet smooth finish that’s perfect for use in drinks that traditionally call for tequila, why not try a Paloma? The sweeter, more colorful version of its more popular cousin the Margarita, the Paloma drink is sweet, refreshing and a gorgeous shade of pink. A Paloma recipe echoes that of a Margarita with the simple swap of grapefruit juice instead of triple sec – and our twist switches up another element, too.

You'll need:

  • 45ml Chivas Extra 13 Tequila Cask*
  • 20ml Grapefruit Juice
  • 10ml Lime juice
  • 10ml Agave syrup
  • Soda Water
  • Grapefruit slice to garnish

To make: Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker except for the soda water, strain into a tall glass filled with ice, top with soda water, add garnish and serve. Salud!

*A portion of this blended Scotch whisky has been finished in Tequila casks.

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