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Chivas The Blend Experience is a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of Chivas blended scotch whisky. Taste a variety of single grain and single malt whiskies with distinct flavour profiles, while delving into the history and craftsmanship scotch whisky. Learn the balance and art of blending as you take the reins to become Master Blenders and create your very own scotch whisky. Chivas The Blend Experience is now available online as a live-at-home whisky masterclass, hosted by Chivas Brand Ambassador, Hollie Atkinson.

Learn: The art and balance of blending Scotch Whisky
Duration: Approx. 1 hour.
Taste: Chivas 12 alongside single grain and four single malts with unique flavour profiles
Create: A personalised Chivas blend scotch whisky at home!


Every Chivas whisky has its own unique formula and selected blend of many aged whiskies, giving them their own distinct character, flavour and taste experience.

It is the job of the master blender to combine the smooth creamy grain whiskies with the rich and diverse Single Malts to create a blended whisky which is rich and brimming with complexity.

It takes years of experience and training to become an expert whisky blender but the Chivas Blend Experience allows you to step in the shoes of the master distiller and learn about how to successfully build your own blend.


Continuing Chivas’ tradition for expert blending, Chivas Extra brings together a marriage of glorious malt and grain whiskies before they’re selectively matured in Oloroso sherry casks from Spain.


40ml Chivas Extra, 20ml Lemon juice, 20ml sugar syrup, 15ml Egg white, 2 dashes bitters

Add ingredients to cocktail shaker, dry shake, add ice and shake again. Strain into a rocks glass with ice and add lemon wedge for garnish.


Your whisky blending experience will begin with a taste of Chivas 12 - the flagship of the Chivas range!

Enhance your taste experience by creating your own signature Chivas Highball. Light and refreshing, the Chivas highball is as easy as Chivas, soda and citrus!


50ml Chivas, 150ml soda water

Serve in a tall glass with ice, and garnish with a citrus wedge of your choice.