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What: A one hour whisky tasting and blending experience, by Chivas.

Where: Caravan Fitzrovia, Yalding House, 152 Great Portland Street, London W1W 6AJ

When: January 2019 until February 2019.

Cost: £10 Early Bird, £15 General Admission, includes a complimentary Chivas & Soda, and your 200ml bottle of whisky to take home

Contact: Email theblend@johndoehub.com for booking queries.

Discover The Blend Experience

You’re known for drinking only the finest whisky. Now blend to impress with a creation inspired by your very own palate.

Guided tasting sessions in our blending labs allow you to learn about the craftsmanship of the Master Whisky Blender, while demystifying the world of whisky in a fun and informative way. What’s better, you get to create your own 200ml bottle of whisky, handcrafted from a combination of floral, citrus, fruity, creamy and smokey flavours.

All that’s left to do is serve up your special blend at home and enjoy not only its distinctive taste, but the compliments that come with it.

"If school science lessons were like this, I'd have probably aced it."
The Independent


What is it exactly?

Life’s always better when you mix things up. The same goes for a finely matured whisky. That’s why Chivas, the original luxury blended Scotch whisky, has always brought together the best malt and grain whiskies for the perfect harmony between smoothness and flavour.

In 19th Century Aberdeen, brothers John and James Chivas pioneered the art of blending various whiskies together to create something extraordinary. Today, each Chivas Regal whisky has its own unique formula and selection of aged whiskies, giving each one a distinct character. It’s why many agree, success is a blend.