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The Wild Rover

What: A one hour whisky tasting and blending experience, by Chivas.

Where: The Wild Rover, 75 Campbell St, Surry Hills NSW 2010.

When: November 2019 until the end of March 2020. Dates for Jan '20 onwards will be released in mid-November '19.

Cost: $85 General Admission, includes a complimentary unique Chivas cocktail on arrival, a full blending experience, some nibbles to enjoy on the side and of course your very own 200ml blend to take home.

For full details, please check our FAQs.

Contact: email chivastheblendsupport@pernod-ricard.com for booking queries.

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Every Chivas Regal whisky has its own unique formula and selected blend of many aged whiskies, giving them their own distinct character, flavour and taste experience.

It is the job of the master blender to combine the smooth creamy grain whiskies with the rich and diverse Single Malts to create a blended whisky which is rich and brimming with complexity, like Chivas Regal.

It takes years of experience and training to become an expert whisky blender but the Chivas Blend Experience allows you to step in the shoes of the master distiller and learn about how to successfully build your own blend.


Light and refreshing, the Chivas highball highlights the rich smoothness of our whisky, giving the classic scotch & soda a modern twist.

Chivas Highball

30ml Chivas, 150ml soda water.

Serve in a tall glass Garnish with your choice of fruit (raspberries or orange) or even mix it up with a dash of flavoured liqueur!