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  • Chivas Highball
  • Chivas Highball

    One of the oldest Scotch whisky classics, having been made since the invention of the two products. The heart of speyside flavours in Chivas 12 is accentuated, and elevated by the use of carbonated water. Discover the recipe!

    Chivas Highball
    • Fill highball glass with ice
      Fill highball glass with ice
    • 60ml Chivas Mizunara
      60ml Chivas Mizunara
    • Top with soda
      Top with soda
    • Citrus to Garnish
      Citrus to Garnish
    Chivas Highball
    How to make it
    • 1
      Fill a highball glass with ice
    • 2
      Add 60ml of Chivas Mizunara, then slowly fill the glass to the top with soda
    • 3
      Garnish with citrus twist
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