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On the road to a brighter future

VEHS is a portable power station that converts traffic pressure on the road into renewable electricity. Using a specially designed layer that sits on top of the road, we can harvest the pressure created by vehicles and use it to power a turbine that creates electricity. We don’t use raw materials, water or greenhouse gases and we create zero waste, meaning we can produce our electricity without damaging the environment.

About 70% of the Sub-Saharan African population still has no access to electricity, while the majority of African cities suffer from too much traffic. Our solution tackles both problems at once by harnessing the power of traffic-flow to improve electricity access for all.

Funding will allow us to…

Deliver renewable electricity at an affordable price, making it possible for the African population to gain access to it in a sustainable way. This will not only improve the lives of those in poorer communities, but empower them by creating more jobs and opportunities for training.

Our system can be up and running within six months and everything from assembly to maintenance can be done locally. Improving the lives in vulnerable communities is at the heart of our business and it just so happens we’ve got the technology with which to do so.

A plane landing sparked the idea…

In 2011, I saw an Airbus A380 land and it got me thinking about the pressure and heat a plane puts on the runway. I looked at our roads and the many potholes (which is a clear indication of how much pressure they’re under) and discovered a link to energy. From there, it was just down to finding ways to harvest that pressure to generate electricity.