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$3,009 Total funding received


Taka solutions is an Energy Services Company (ESCo) that helps building owners and operators reduce energy and utility costs at no upfront costs using Energy Performance Contracting. Our focus is to invest in custom engineering solutions, equipment, technology and operations to save energy and make buildings better. We are a technology and engineering company provides both economic and environmental benefits. This is achieved by using a paid-from-savings model that allows us to upgrade buildings when customers do not have capital available. This unique approach aligns the interests of all parties, encouraging everybody to enhance performance and increase savings. 


In today’s world, using energy correctly is no longer a choice dictated by individual awareness but an economic and social global priority that has to be addressed. It’s imperative that the world uses energy efficiently and we therefore need to have the systems and operations in place. Successfully reaching customers at scale, using technology, gives us the ability to reduce the world’s energy consumption by 20% and at a fraction of the cost it would take to generate the same amount of renewable energy.


It really changed our outlook as a company. We have a social mission, and always have, but needed to step back to realise our impact. We want to help people around the world and now we potentially have an entryway into 26 other markets through the other finalists. I also learnt a valuable lesson about storytelling. Everything that you do in life, especially a presentation, and even more so in a pitch, should be a story. You need to use a story to connect to people and communicate, this helps deliver a strong, complicated message in a short period of time that hits people. Complex concepts or ideas can be taught using a story, that otherwise could be much harder for people to comprehend.


After The Chivas Venture we went from having zero presence in the world beyond our existing client base to building a platform which could educate people about energy efficiency. Taka Solutions was named in Forbes’ top 50 UAE startups to watch our for. We have brought on a specialist environmental impact communications consultant, as a direct result of our learnings and our experience during the competition too.