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$2,666.22 Total funding received

We’re creating a future where everyone is inspired to do good.

SmartHead is a user-friendly online tool that enables companies and individuals to create and promote their socially-responsible activities.

Turn on the news today and you get the impression that the future is bleak. Many people want to make a difference but don’t know where to start. In reality, there are many people and organisations already doing good and striving to make our world a better place. But their actions get little coverage and are lost in the flow of information, so most people don’t know about them.

Our platform highlights the great environmental and community projects taking place and encourages people to get involved in their local areas. For companies, it’s a great tool to boost their image and retain loyal employees. For individuals, on top of the satisfaction of doing what’s right, it looks good on their CV when applying for jobs or university.

Funding would allow us to...

Expand our platform, engage with more communities, and help bring about behavioural changes that will better our future. We do not want to look back in a hundred years and realise the difference we could have made. We already have over twenty global companies involved and dozens of projects created on our website since its launch in September 2016. We’ve seen great projects such as tree-planting, trash collecting, renovations of cultural monuments, educational projects and many others. Inspiration is a magical thing. Hundreds of people have already joined our community, as one activity leads to another and together we are creating real social and environmental impact.

My upbringing has definitely influenced my career.

I live in the capital of my home country, Bratislava. Slovakia is a wonderful country with a long and rich history, but as a resident and entrepreneur you can still meet with corruption, mistrust in politics and selfish behavior aimed at short-term wellbeing. It is shame for Slovakia because the result is an outflow of young, active and highly-qualified people abroad. But there are still leaders and entrepreneurs who act ethically and morally and think about long-term welfare. And with SmartHead I want to contribute to this effort to make the world a better place, by connecting people and companies with good values so that they can inspire each other.