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$20,000 Total funding received

Unlocking minds with the freedom of speech

Neuro Device is developing rehabilitation technology for people with speech disorders, like aphasia. Our device is a headset that uses electric stimulation to help regenerate sick areas of the brain faster, so that patients recover more quickly.

Aphasia is a condition that affects the brain and leads to problems communicating. It is usually caused by a stroke, head injury or conditions such as dementia. Every year aphasia affects approximately 5 million people worldwide and about a quarter of them are under 40 years old. Currently therapy is long, expensive and often ineffective. Losing the ability to communicate can lead to isolation, anxiety and depression.

Our device is designed to be affordable and accessible to more people, for use in both professional and home therapy. It will guarantee both the acceleration of rehabilitation and a significant improvement in its effects, enabling patients to return to a normal life.

Funding would allow us to…

Refine our prototype, test it, and bring the device to market for patients that need it. In the USA and EU alone, our product could benefit almost half a million patients each year.

Research shows that the brain stimulation we are using increases the treatment success rate by more than 50%. This efficiency means medical centres can treat up to 3 times more patients in the same amount of time. The cheaper treatment and improved recovery rate directly affect healthcare expenses and pensions for aphasia patients- in the EU the savings could reach 3 billion euros per year.

I wanted to stop telling patients that we couldn’t help…

I’m neuropsychologist by profession and passion. Fun fact: Did you know that around 60% of the weight of our brain is fat? It makes it our most fatty organ- but one we definitely wouldn’t want to lose any weight from!

Throughout my medical career I came across many cases of aphasia and I saw just how badly it affected the lives of entire families. It was heart-breaking having to tell patients that we couldn’t offer them an effective form of rehabilitation. It was that frustration that inspired me to start Neuro Device.