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$3,182 Total funding received

Turning waste into power

recycling plants which turn garbage into clean energies. Our technologies are scalable in size and can be installed anywhere in the world. The plants work self-sufficiently, without the need for electricity or water - the only thing needed is trash.

In Latin-America, and many countries across the globe, there is no efficient system for recycling and over 90% of waste ends up in landfills, or in most cases open sky dumps without any environmental protection. Each ton of waste generates 1.5 tons of CO2, contributing to the issue of climate change.

Aside from drastically reducing the environmental impact of waste, Gammakat also has a human story behind. Entire families are currently living in poverty within landfill sites, picking up recyclable materials within the waste to earn a little money. We aim to improve the living conditions of these ‘waste families’, by giving them fairer work opportunities and investing some of our profits in projects to benefit them.

Funding would allow us to…

Turn a recycling plant into an educational showroom. With this facility, we could teach more companies how our technology works and the potential it has to revolutionise waste management. Education about recycling is more important than ever. Our generation has the responsibility to build something that manages waste effectively for the future. Why wait when we have the power to make a change now?

We’d also be able to build more recycling plants and continue rolling out and enhancing our waste converting technology. Our fuels already reduce emissions by 75% compared to normal fuels and the Gammakat team is tirelessly working toward zero emissions.

I knew I had to be part of the solution…

In the early nineties, I witnessed the magnitude of the waste problem. As a tour guide for German tourists in the south of Mexico, I was driving between the many beautiful towns and beaches and was devastated to see the roads and sidewalks littered with waste. This was my lightbulb moment, I realised then that I had to pave the way for others. The feeling that I am part of the solution is the fuel that moves me.