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$20,000 Total funding received

Small insects, big change

Arthrofood works with vulnerable communities in Colombia, processing crickets to make flour as a sustainable food source. Compared to beef, crickets provide 3.5 times more protein, while generating 85 times less greenhouse gases and using 11 thousand litres less water. Our business empowers local communities by sharing the knowledge of how to make the cricket flour, offering jobs as well as providing a source of food.

The global population is growing and we expect to be more than 9 billion people by 2050. This rapid growth comes with an increase in protein-rich diets. Livestock is the main generator of greenhouse gases and deforestation, so we need to look to other sources of protein to meet this demand. Colombia is in a post-conflict state with thousands of displaced people with an average of 53% suffering from food insecurity and 43% with anemia.

Our goal is to get populations to include cricket flour in their normal daily diet in order to fill the gap of malnutrition and anemia in these communities. Aside from the environmental benefits, our method is low cost and can be replicated in any part of South America or other developing countries.

Funding would allow us to…

Start building the first cricket farm in Latin America. We’d be able to invest in marketing and publicity to raise awareness and demand for insects as a food source. The money would also help cover the costs of training people in vulnerable communities.

By 2025, we aim to cover 0.5% of the protein and meat alternatives market in Latin America. This would mean processing 528 tonnes of insects, which will require 129 farms and benefit a potential 258 families.

I wanted to help a cause close to my heart…

Growing up in Colombia, we are told that it is a developing country, but it’s not until you move away that you understand the true meaning of it. Nowadays Colombia is a diverse country, on the one hand it’s vibrant and full of life but on the other it’s still affected by the fallout of the armed conflict. For us, it’s a challenge, opportunity and inspiration, to find and apply solutions to this situation. That’s why we decided to leave everything and dedicate our lives to supporting the vulnerable people of Colombia.