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$50,000 Total funding received

Making the internet accessible for all

We often take it for granted that we can chat to our friends, shop, work, read the news and enjoy the convenience and opportunities that the internet brings every day. However, for over 200 million people with disabilities in China, this connectivity to the world is not so easy to access.

LianDi makes it possible for disabled people, including visually and hearing impaired, dyslexic and the elderly, to use the internet in the same way as everybody else. Our technology solutions are designed to enhance webpages and apps to meet the needs of a wider range of users.

We recognised the need to bridge the gap for these disability groups and have already created 37 solutions for popular webpages and apps in China such as WeChat and Alibaba. To fully understand the needs of our users, we employed an engineering team made up of physically impaired people to give us invaluable insight into the issues that they face.

Funding will allow us to...

Increase our workforce and enhance the lives of millions of hearing and visually impaired people. By hiring and training more physically impaired workers, we can offer further expertise and insight into the problems, but we’re also giving them the opportunity to work in roles they would not normally be considered for.

Funding will also help expand the business itself. By working with big brand names we’ll gain awareness and increase our exposure which will encourage other business to approach us.

I prefer a softer approach to business...

I’m not what you’d consider a typical leader, my management style is definitely a bit more on the gentle side. I thought this lack of leadership would be a barrier to my career and that I’d only be seen as a sidekick at best, but I’ve found that within the LianDi team it’s actually a benefit. I find that being softly spoken makes me more approachable and colleagues tend to open up to me. For that reason, I notice details that might normally be missed and figure out if there’s a specific problem needing addressed.