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Chivas Red Collins Whisky Cocktail Recipe


  • [25] dry Oloroso sherry
  • [25] Chivas Extra 13 Sherry Cask
  • [12.5] fresh lemon juice
  • [12.5] redcurrant syrup Dash of soda water
  • Lemon peel, to garnish

    How to make it

  1. 1 Add all ingredients except soda into glass.
  2. 2 Fill the glass with ice all the way to the top.
  3. 3 Add a little bit of soda and give a small 2 second stir to blend the ingredients.
  4. 4 Add a little more soda, so the liquid is 3cm below the top.
  5. 5 Add one or two more ice cubes to make them tight and compact.
  6. 6 Garnish with lemon peel.
  7. 7 Serve.

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