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A new app that incentives drivers to not text at the wheel is looking to reduce the number of car accidents caused each year.

Tudor Cobâlaș, SafeDrive

A new app that incentives drivers to not text at the wheel is looking to reduce the number of car accidents caused each year.

Co-founder Tudor Cobâlaș came up with the concept of SafeDrive after narrowly avoiding a car crash while using his phone behind the wheel. The mobile app rewards drivers for safe driving practices such as speed, distance travelled and keeping off their phones. Users open the app before starting their journey and gain points that they collect and convert into discount vouchers and offers. The app can also be used for large organisations to reward employees who drive responsibly.

In 2015, SafeDrive’s 5,000 users travelled a total of 13 million kilometres, helping to create safer roads by providing incentives for drivers, reducing accidents and improving road safety for drivers and their passengers.

Tudor will shortly be representing his company at The Venture Final, but before then, he spoke about his aspirations to create safer roads by increasing their database to 50,000 drivers.

How would you summarise your business?

SafeDrive is the mobile app that rewards drivers for not texting while driving. They earn points that can be converted into discount vouchers or special offers from partner companies. We are also a solution for large organisations with car fleets, rewarding employees who drive responsibly. By opening our app just before driving, SafeDrive automatically starts giving our users points based on speed, time spent in traffic and distance travelled. By rewarding drivers points for not texting we are incentivising responsible driving which creates safer roads.

Why is your business a force for good?

Today, one out of four car accidents occur as a result of people using their phones behind the wheel. We are talking about thousands of lives lost each year because of phone usage, which is quite staggering when you think of it in those terms. Our main goal is to save lives and lower costs associated with accident intervention from the authorities. In effect, the more users we serve the more we can reduce accidents, and improve the security of the driver, passenger and pedestrian. This has a knock-on effect on lowering insurance premiums and savings associated with having undisrupted businesses due to road accidents. Our platform creates safer roads.

Who or what inspired you to become a social entrepreneur?

Any new business should have a social component since the health of the business always relies to a certain extent on the health of the community or social surroundings. That in itself, is enough motivation for me. We knew that we could create a sustainable business model that could evolve to a global level where it’s benefits are numerous: drivers are commercially incentivised and more importantly safer, our business partners generate sales through our app and also have a positive CSR strategy, and society is safer.

Why is social entrepreneurship important to you?

Creating a business is not as hard as creating a business with a purpose. Spending my day-to-day life on something that has a purpose excites me, makes me more driven and, hopefully, makes me better at my job.

No endorsement or connection is meant between those featured in this article and Chivas.

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