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The start-ups selected to progress to the regional final of The Venture in the Dominican Republic have been announced.


The start-ups selected to progress to the regional final of The Venture in the Dominican Republic have been announced.

The enterprises selected cover a range of sectors, across social and environmental impact models, all based in the Dominican Republic.

Candidates were asked to submit their start-up ideas to a panel of judges, made up of Mr. Orlando Pérez Richiez (MESCYT), Fernando Barrero (Barna Business School), Yaqui Nuñez del Risco Jr. (Labya), Juan Manuel Polanco (MDMA Magazine) and Edwin Maldonado (Pernod Ricard).

After much deliberation, the judges have trimmed the list of over forty applications down to five:

Meet the finalists:

ColorBlind Design is dedicated to the specialized construction of spatial experiences for the blind, through sounds, textures and smells.@ColorblindDesign

Conuco Solar are planning to build a solar farm, aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and the national energy deficit. SMEs will be able to benefit through tax credits offered by a government scheme that aims to reward energy efficient businesses.

Heroes Union are developing a Smartphone app with similar functionality to Twitter, but encouraging its users to be Good Samaritans. Users can submit a request for help, (large or small), and using geo-location other users can assist them accordingly.@HeroesUnion

Kookos & Co want to turn an abundant supply of coconuts, into an industry that benefits otherwise tourist-dependant communities. Based in Samana, they plan to create a safe and profitable plantation area to train local women in manufacturing oils and craft-pieces. They will then distribute globally on a fair-trade basis.@kookosco

PingBlip are developing an e-banking platform to help remote communities generate commercial revenue. A network of banking partnerships and distribution centres will allow remote and low-income communities to promote their businesses in major commercial centres, providing a cost effective means of transferring goods and money. The first stage proposed will focus on Jimaní, building trade links with Santo Domingo, Puerto Príncipe and New York.@PingBlip

DR Finalists

The five finalists will go head-to-head at the final event, taking place on January 28th at Barna Business School in Santo Domingo. The prospective social entrepreneurs will pitch their projects to the local panel, vying for a place in the Global final in Silicon Valley in July.

The global finalists will have the chance to present their case for a share of Chivas’ $1million fund, created to support start-ups that aim to make a positive impact across the world, as well as a profit.

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