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Fashioning a planet where people give a crap

Mestic is converting cow manure waste into bio-textiles, plastic and paper. Our patented technology aims to solve the excessive manure problem around the world, while unlocking new possibilities for making truly sustainable products – particularly for the fashion industry.

The Netherlands alone counts 1.8 million dairy cows, producing so much poop that farmers are running out of space to safely – and legally – dispose of it. Manure contains gases which, if used in small amounts, are good for agriculture; unfortunately, intensive farming has resulted in too much manure and those gases have become harmful to soil, water and air. Currently 80% of farms in the Netherlands generate more manure than they can legally use and this is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Mestic addresses two problems with one solution; helping with the global manure problem and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by creating new sustainable and local sources of raw materials.

Funding would allow us to…

Start a pilot for testing our idea. We’re currently producing on a small scale with a select group of farmers, but funding would enable us to test the viability of our project and work with more farmers on a bigger scale.

We’d be able to offer farmers more financial incentives to change the way that they farm and encourage them to get involved in the pilot, which in turn will help us reach our goal of solving the excess manure problem and reducing emissions.

For me, it’s personal…

The topic of alleviating the manure problem started as abstract, but became really personal the more involved I became. It was heart-breaking to meet farmers, learn about their struggles to meet environmental policies, and hear them tell their children to pick other professions. This experience has changed me, and I want to harness it to have a lasting impact on the world.