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Small seeds, big impact for Kenyan women

Kilifi Moringa supports women in Kenya by encouraging small-scale female farmers in Kilifi to cultivate Moringa seeds. Moringa, sometimes known as the ‘Miracle Tree’, is a resilient, nutrient-rich crop which grows in the poorest, most rural parts of Africa. Traditionally, female farmers harvest the tree’s leaves to feed their families and discard the seeds. Kilifi Moringa buys these seeds from the farmers and sells them to the health and beauty industry where they are used in a variety of products including Moringa Oil.

This simple idea is transforming the lives of some of the poorest women in Kenya by giving them a chance to earn income while they grow food for their families. In doing so, they enable women around the world to enjoy the benefits of Moringa through their beauty products, which in turn benefit more women in Kenya. Well, they do say it’s a woman’s world!

Funding will allow us to…

Support more women in rural parts of Kenya. By buying more seeds, we’re not only improving the lives of the female farmers but helping to improve their communities. Compared to labour intensive maize cultivation, Moringa only needs 2-3 harvests per year and yields around $1000 per acre each year, compared to $40 for maize - that’s 25 times the potential earnings! The less intense labour needs mean more women will be able to farm, including elderly and younger farmers, which in turn will boost the local economy and allow more girls to be sent to school.

It was my brother who inspired me to become a social entrepreneur…

My elder brother taught me to fish, then build a boat, then bring home Sunday dinner. He taught me to ride a bike, fall off and get back on. To be a pro, to build start-ups, to go eye-to-eye in business. To live with scars, but also dignity. Proud of me, he says I’ve won already and I believe him, like kids do.