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$3,182 Total funding received

Letting the deaf be heard

LiMiX gives deaf people a voice by translating sign language into voice, using the power of technology. Our solution, Talking Hands, is a wearable device, similar to a glove, that detects hand movement during sign language which is converted into spoken words using a voice synthesizer on a smartphone.

Today there are over 70 million deaf people worldwide, including over 100,000 in Italy alone. Yet most of the world’s population doesn’t understand sign language. This means that most deaf people are facing communication problems on a daily basis at work, school, home or out in public.

Our technology will bring deaf people out of the silence by enabling them to be understood by anyone, not just those who know sign language. By lifting this language barrier, we can unlock new opportunities and improve their standard of living.

Funding would allow us to…

Make the product commercially available. We’re launching a pre-release of Talking Hands with 500 deaf users this summer, to carry out final product tests and make any necessary adjustments based on feedback. Funding from the Chivas Venture will bring us closer to launching the final product.

Personal hardships shaped my determination to make a difference…

I suffered from bullying throughout my childhood, and lost my father to cancer when I was only 23 years old. One month later, we were starting LiMix, with low morale and very little money. But we kept going! I strongly believe that complaining is not an option, so I turned all that sadness and pain into willpower, to create something beautiful that could change lives. I’m excited about what can be achieved through technology, to connect people and build a more inclusive world.