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$3,182 Total funding received

Making fresh water from air

What if there was an unlimited source of safe drinking water, accessible to all of us? At Freshwater Solutions, we have developed technology to capture water particles from the air and, like a cloud, condense them to create ‘rain’ which is purified and filtered. Each machine can produce between 9 and 30 litres of drinking water per day.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, close to 34 million people do not have access to safe sources of drinking water. In Chile, around 540 rural communities, housing more than 195,000 people, are deprived of fresh water supply. Nearly 2 billion people around the world use unsafe drinking water contaminated with faeces and nearly 500,000 people die per year from diseases spread by unclean water.

Freshwater Solutions aims to provide communities with affordable and safe drinking water, so they don’t have to rely on bottled water or contaminated water sources. Our solution provides a better standard of living for these communities by reducing illnesses and providing a sustainable source of safe water.

Funding would allow us to…

Increase our impact, bringing clean water to more communities. Currently we’re able to give more than 3,000 people access to fresh water every day, saving 82% on monthly water purchases, 80% on fuel from monthly water transportation and increasing attendance in rural schools by 28%. We want to increase this impact and funding would let us make our technology accessible to more people by creating a new business model.

My daughter’s illness was my motivation…

My daughter was born with a urinary infection that affected one of her kidneys. She was too small to be operated on, so she needed to take antibiotics every day for 10 years which gave her side effects in her stomach and teeth. After researching, I found that there are different types of purified water with health benefits, which could replace my daughter's antibiotics. That's where the idea came from, water from the air, which allowed my daughter's health and quality of life to improve. I realised that it was unfair so many people don’t have access to good quality water and so we started Freshwater Solutions.