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Whether you’re introducing someone to whisky or know someone well versed, there’s a blend for everyone.

Whisky isn’t just a drink; it’s a passion. From the intricacies of distilling to the art of blending, there’s a lot that goes into a flawless sip. Stopping to savour whisky and the work that goes into it is one of the finer things in life, whoever you are, so it’s important to find the right blend.

Whether you’re introducing someone to whisky or know someone well versed, there’s something in the Chivas Regal collection for everyone. Read on to see which one to gift the different drammers in your life.

Starters and mixers – Chivas 12

Smooth, rich and generous – there’s a reason why Chivas 12 remains a classic. If you know someone that’s looking to start their whisky journey, a smooth whisky is essential so not to overwhelm the palette. The desire for a smooth finish is exactly why John and James Chivas began blending whiskies back in the 19th century – and it’s a trait that’s still cherished in Chivas Regal today. As well as a fantastic starter Scotch, Chivas 12 is perfect for budding mixologists. It’s versatile nature plays well with a range of mixers and is perfect to experiment with cocktails – a gift that will keep on giving new flavour experiences.

Extra rich and extra sweet – Chivas Extra

Know someone with a sweet tooth? Look no further. Chivas Extra is selectively finished in Oloroso sherry casks, which magnifies the rich flavour of our house blend. Notes of sweet pear harmonise with warm ginger for a dram that’s extra dark, extra sweet and extra intense. This is Scotch crafted with extra Spanish passion.

Football crazy, whisky mad – Chivas 13

The newest blend on the block is Chivas 13 – and it’s the ideal gift for the Manchester United fan in your life. This blend is aged for 13 years in tribute to the 13 Premier League titles won under the guide of Sir Alex Ferguson and is packaged in a beautifully designed tin. Finishing the blend in American Rye casks magnifies the delicate vanilla, subtle chocolate and juicy citrus flavours for a deeper flavour. Think of it like the whisky version of a fruit and nut chocolate bar.

Fusion flavour fans – Chivas Mizunara

Fusion food that merges east with west has been part of the dining scene for years. Now, we’ve created the perfect blend of east and west in the form of Chivas Mizunara. Ageing our classic Scotch blend in Japanese Mizunara oak casks pairs the typical Speyside flavours with hazelnut and spice. The perfect present for someone who loves Japanese flavours, this whisky is best enjoyed in a refreshing highball so not to overpower the delicate flavour, or sipped slow and straight.

Experienced drammers – Chivas 18

This flavour sensation is the perfect gift for the experienced drammer in your life. Much like an exquisite tasting menu, Chivas 18 is all about an appreciation of flavours – all 85 of them, in fact. These include dark chocolate, dried fruits and buttery toffee. See how many your chosen lucky recipient can detect! Whether they enjoy it straight or in a strong Old Fashioned, this 18-year-old blend is award-winning for very good reason.

Luxury lovers – Chivas Ultis

Know someone who enjoys the finer things in life? Chivas Ultis is the first blended malt from the house of Chivas – and is certainly fine. Every drop contains five precious single malts, with notes of rich citrus, creamy toffee and thick honey. This excellent blend is the perfect choice if you really want to treat your favourite whisky drinker this year.

Budding master blenders – Blend Your Own Whisky kit

Want to gift something extra creative this year? The Blend Your Own Whisky gift set allows lucky recipients to try their hand at the art of blending whisky, and enjoy a classic Chivas 12 miniature bottle, too. With floral, fruity, citrus, creamy and smoky notes all included, they’ll be able to create their own signature blend. Whether you’re buying for the whisky lover in your life or someone who’s looking to begin their whisky journey, this creative kit could reveal their talent as the next Master Blender.

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