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Chivas Blending Kit

Create Your Whisky Blended Scotch Whisky

Each of our blends marry together some of Scotland’s finest whiskies to create something truly extraordinary. Learn the craft that goes into finding that perfect balance and master the art of blending with the Chivas Whisky Blending Kit. From delicately floral to luxuriously creamy and medicinally smoky, experiment with the unique flavours to create your very own signature blend. Because success is a blend, in life and in scotch.

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What's in the Blend Kit?

Inside the kit you’ll find 5 Scotch whiskies to experiment with 4 Single malts and 1 Blended Grain whisky. Each of the whiskies bring unique characteristics and flavours to the blend you’ll create. We’ve got floral, fruity, creamy, smoky, citrus to choose from, plus a bottle of our signature house blend, Chivas 12, to inspire your creation. You’ll also find a pipette to precisely measure out your amounts of each whisky, a beaker to mix them and a bottle for your final blend.

Chivas Blending Kit
Try the Blend Kit

Try the Blend Kit

Discover the art, science and magic that goes into a Chivas Blend.

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